Welcome to The Sports Junkie Handbook

I was motivated to write my book “The Sports Junkie Handbook” to state the obvious truth: if you do not know what happened to your team before you were born the best outcome in life that you can hope to achieve is a wealthy nerd who excels in darts.

“The Sports Junkie Handbook” is a friendly and comprehensive collection of the greatest sports finishes in history, 230 in total from 1908-2014. The reader will be amazed that the unexplainable finish is not new, and I promise each and every event is a moon landing in its own right; when you get to the end of this easy and enjoyable read, you will have magically graduated with a SJD (Sports Junkie Degree). Diploma not necessary; friends will immediately notice your new swagger.

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Magazine was compelled to call the book “ENGROSSING.”

Ranking the 200+ Greatest Sports Team Finishes of all time in:

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